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Lachlan Daly

Lachlan is the Frontman and Songwriter of INFRARED.

Lachlan was classically trained on the Piano from the age of 7 but at 15 he preferred playing more Jazz and contemporary styles. Around this time he was introduced to rhythm guitar which inspired and encouraged him to sing and write his own music, opening up his interest in many different music genres which is partly what gives the INFRARED sound such a diverse, eclectic mix.

He started performing on stage at 9 and throughout the years he has done many solo and band gigs from local venues, school concerts, fairs and both in the band and onstage in musicals ranging from Grease, Hairspray to Les Miserables and West Side Story.

He currently studies 2nd year Songwriting at the university BIMM London after completing his Diploma there.

As soon as he discovered it, Songwriting became a massive interest for Lachlan. At 16 he decided he wanted to perform his songs live and his 1st gig doing this was at the American diner along the A21, from there he was hooked. Deciding that this is what he wanted to do he got in contact with Paul Dunton, an events organiser in Tunbridge Wells, who gave him the chance to perform his songs on well received stages throughout Kent and Sussex.

But still not quite content, Lachlan decided that he wanted to broaden his sound. After watching a band called the Domino Project he decided he was going to form a band himself and after a few auditions and the coming and going of a few members, he finally settled with the amazing band you see around him today. His ambition for INFRARED isn’t quite satisfied yet though, so you can only expect more great things to come from them soon…